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$50 management fee per round-trip ticket. It’s upfront, so there are no surprises. You get up to one non-emergency ticket change after purchase, but if you need to make more than one change, a new fee will be applied.


Custom Itineraries

Fees dependent on total travel budget. Starting from $300 per person for up to six persons traveling. For trips more than six people, there will be a custom fee. This is a way to acknowledge the time and effort required to create one-of-a-kind experiences. Think: airport transfers & greeter arrangements, private touring, restaurant reservations, spa appointments and everything else! But the fun part – and the invaluable part – is the fully laid out, day-by-day totally-tailored itineraries!

Terms of Working Together

Simple Hotel Booking

If utilizing my service solely for a hotel booking and you have questions following the booking, you can expect a response via email inquiries within 72 hours. If a question comes up in regard to the hotel while you are traveling, response time will be under 24 hours.


Full Itinerary Planning

If utilizing my service for full planning on an upcoming trip, you can expect a response via email inquiries within 48-72 hours. It is important during the planning process that all communication be kept to email so we can track all itinerary items (aside from our "getting to know you", and itinerary review call). If a question comes up while you are on your trip, often times we set you up with a local partner for immediate responses, and you can expect a response in under 24 hours from me. 


For international trips, clients will be set up with a concierge service they can reach out to at all times for urgent needs. This concierge service will be located in the same time zone, and fluent in dialect to the current destination. 


Communication via text message is reserved for clients that are actively traveling and urgent matters only. 

Working with me on multiple trips a year?

Let's set up a five year travel plan! For our recurring clients, we love to help our clients stay organized during their planning process and map out travel ideas in advance so they can stay ahead of the curve on knowing when they need to book. 


We offer a complimentary 30 minute call to start this process.

When to contact me?

My current office hours are 8am EST - 6pm EST, unless traveling and noted in my email response.

Thanks for submitting!

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